About Us

Who is Revolve Medical Supplies, Inc?

Revolve Medical Supplies, Inc. is comprised of a small team of entrepreneurs who have 15+ years of experience in the medical supply distribution and manufacturing industry. After working for an assortment of competitors and providers within the space, the founders decided to combine forces to bring the best of all worlds they have previously been a part of to a new company.

Their focus is to provide their new found customer base with the ultimate customer experience through excellent customer service, inventory availability and competitive pricing. Although they are now competing against some of the largest names out there, the team at Revolve Medical Supplies, Inc. prides themselves on their small size to provide the flexibility and availability directly to their end users that the big names cannot. If there is something that isn't offered at Revolve, you will be speaking directly with the decision makers who will be able to fulfill your request. Revolve Medical Supplies, Inc. is an ever growing company that reinvests it's profits back into their operation to consistently provide the best pricing as well as explore new opportunities and verticals to serve as many customers as possible.

Questions? We are always available: (407) 815-4220